Anne Heche hospitalized after accident

Actress Anne Heche was taken to a hospital on Friday after crashing her car into the front of a Los Angeles residence, starting a fire that forced the home's occupant to flee in order to save her pets.


"Everything else is gone, and I'm a fucking wreck," the survivor of the wild crash tells Rolling Stone. "I'm OK, my dogs are OK, and my turtle is OK, but everything else is gone."

The Six Days Seven Nights actress was behind the wheel of the blue Mini Cooper, according to a law enforcement source who confirmed Heche's identity to Rolling Stone. Police and fire officials declined to identify the driver on Friday afternoon. The burned-out car that was removed from the house belonged to Heche, according to CBS Los Angeles as well.

A law enforcement source who confirmed Heche's identification to Rolling Stone stated that the Six Days Seven Nights actress was operating the blue Mini Cooper. On Friday afternoon, the driver's identity was withheld by police and firefighters. Heche was the owner of the burned-out car that was taken from the home, according to CBS Los Angeles as well.

Humphrey added, "The house was heavily engaged with flames." The only resident, a woman who was in the back of the house, somehow avoided harm.

Fox11 captured aerial footage of the incident, which revealed the two-bedroom house was spewing out thick smoke. The blazing Mini Cooper was towed out of the building by firefighters using wires, and the rescued driver was later seen lunging forward as paramedics carried her onto a bed and placed her into an ambulance, according to Fox11.

An LAPD spokesman indicated that the inquiry into the crash's cause was still ongoing Friday evening.

Close friend and co-host of Heche's show Heather Duffy Boylston said she was still receiving details on Friday afternoon and was unable to comment.

Heche's representative did not promptly respond to Rolling Stone's request for comment.

Heche, 53, has garnered media attention outside of the performing world over the years for her romantic associations with fellow actors Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Martin, as well as for her outspoken remarks regarding her struggles with mental illness.

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