How to install The Crew Addon

In this article, I'll show you how to install The Crew Addon on Kodi 19 and other earlier matrix versions in a detailed and straightforward manner. The steps mentioned here work on all Kodi-compatible devices, including Amazon Firestick/Fire TV, Android and iOS mobile devices, Windows and Mac computers, Android TV boxes, and more.

The Crew is a fantastic All-In-One Kodi Addon created by TheCrew team. It allows you to watch a variety of media content through a variety of primary sections and sub-sections...the key sections include:
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Sports
  • IPTV
  • Kids
  • 1-Clicks
  • CC Collections
  • Stand up comedy
  • Additional Addons
  • Tools
  • Search

# Movies section:
  • My Movies
  • New Movies
  • In Theaters
  • Trending
  • Most Popular
  • Trakt List
  • IMDB List
  • 24/7 Movies
  • Box Sets
  • Box Office
  • Oscar Winners
  • Genres
  • Year
  • People
  • International
  • Most Voted
  • People Search
  • Search
# Sports section:
  • MLB
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • NBA
  • UFC
  • WWE
  • FIFA
  • LFL
  • PGA
# IPTV section:
  • Fluxus
  • TV Lodge
  • Stratus TV
  • En Espanol TV
  • Faith TV
  • CCTV
  • Swift Streams

# TV Shows section:
  • New Episodes
  • New TV Shows
  • Airing today
  • 24/7 TV Shows
# Kids section:
  • Kids Movies
  • 3D Movies
  • 24/7 Kids Shows
  • 1Click Kids
  • Anime Zone
  • Walt Disney
  • Learning TV
  • Kids SOngs
  • Test
# 1Click section:
  • 1Click Movies
  • 1Click RD TV Shows
  • 4K UHD Movies
  • 1Click RD Collection
# 1 Click section:
  • 1 Click Magent Debrid Movies
  • 4K UHD Magnet Movies
  • Sports 1 Click Movies No Debrid
  • Kids
  • Westerns
  • Horros
  • Documentaries
  • Concerts
  • Random Stuff

The newest version of The Crew Kodi addon has been updated in 2022. It has just updated few days ago to make it fully compatiable with Kodi 19 matrix version & improved some features...
  • Kodi 19 matrix fully compatiable updates
  • New sports & iptv sections updates
  • Fix duplicate of Debug
  • Fix TVDP Api cdata issue for TV Shows
  • Updated Dutch translation
  • Scraper Fixes,Cleanup and updates & strings fixes
  • cfscrape update
  • Duplicate link checker
  • Added ororo
  • Updated Dutch translation
  • Removed dead settings

How to Install The Crew Addon Kodi.

This tutorial is creates for everybody, new & old kodi users. So, I will breakdown the installation process in three simple steps that will help you easily follow & install the "The Crew" addon on Kodi.

Step-1. Enable Unknown Sources on Kodi.

The.Crew.addon & many other best working kodi add-ons currently are not the part of the official Kodi team. It's a third-party addon that not supported by official Kodi Add-on Repositoires. So, when you want to install such an addon, you must have the Unknown Sources within Kodi switched on. This is how you do it:

1.1 - Open Kodi 19 matrix, from Home kodi screen, click System Settings icon

1.2 - In the System settings screen, select the tab System

1.3 - Select/highlight Add-ons on the list of the options on the left sidebar. Now navigate to the right of the same window and enable Unknown Sources

1.4 - A Warning popup will appear, click OK to confirm Enable Unknown Sources on Kodi

Step-2. Install New The Crew Repository

2.1 - Go back to System settings screen & click on the tab File manager

2.2 - Find & select the line Add source

2.3 - An Add file source popup will appear, click where it says <None> 

2.4 - Now, you need paste or type Exactly the URL in the media locations box: then click OK
(Note: the red link above is newest URL address of The Crew Repo). For some reasons, if this link not working or you can not connect to this repo. Using the blue link below)
URL alternative: updating...

2.5 - Continue give a name for this media source, type any name that you want. I will type TeamCrew, then click OK to confirm

2.6 - Continue go back to System setting screens, then select the tab Add-ons

2.7 - Then select Install from zip file

2.8 - Scroll down to find & select the line .TeamCrew

2.9 - And select (always select the latest version of this repo)

2.10 - Wait few seconds for Kodi downloading & installing this repository. After this process finisheed, you will see a notification like as "The Crew Repo Add-on installed/ or update"

Now that you have successfully installed new The Crew Repo/Repository on Kodi, you are almost done. Just stay with me for one more step and it is done.

The Crew Repository allow you to install some kodi addons below:
  • The Crew
  • Sportsdevil
  • Ultimate Whitecream
  • Youtube

Step-3. Install The Crew Kodi Addon

3.1 - While staying on the same window, click Install from repository

3.2 - Scroll down to find & select THE CREW REPOSITORY***

3.3 - Continue select Video add-ons

3.4 - A list kodi addons will available from these, select the addon The Crew

3.5 - Click on Install button on the bottom

3.6 - A popup will appear say you must install some plugin, scrapers , module or other Add-ons/ Repos that the addon.,.the.,.crew required to work. Click OK to accept

3.7 - Now wait for the "The.,.Drew.,.Addon" installation confirmation or notification

Done. You have successfully installed The Crew Kodi Addon. Now, it's ready to use, open & Enjoy.

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