How To Fix Start Button Not Working In Windows 10

Hi Guys!!, Welcome to my blog. Today we gonna fix the, Start menu not opening Problem that every Windows User should know. Through this article, you will learn, How to fix the start menu not working problem in windows 10. so you can have that peace of mind, So let's get started. 

First, you have to open a Run command. For that, press Windows key plus R on your keyboard, then a small window will open like this.

Now, type regedit, R E G E D I T. And hit enter on your keyboard. Then, this type of window will open and you will reach to, Registry Editor. 

Then Click on HKEY LOCAL MACHINE, now navigate to System. Then open, CurrentControlSet option. Again Expand Services, here you will see many options, but you have to search, WPN Services. For that, simply click on any one of the options here and type, wpn. Now, you can see the two options, one is WPN Services, and WPN User Sevices. This is your choice to choose between any of these two options, but i personally recommend you to choose, WPN Services option. After choosing it, you click on it, 

Then you will see a option named, Start, over here. Then you navigate to the option start, and double click on it. New window will open like this. Now listen carefully, here if your start menu is not opening, then you have to change this value data. Value data ranges from zero to four. You may have the value data 0 or 1 or anything upto 4. Now, the thing you have to do is try the value data that your computer can permit.

You can try all the value data from 0 to 4. First, you try from zero, then see if it's working, if not then continue trying upto number 4. your computer will absolutely find the respective value data which will be fitted in your PC. Hope you understand this, if not, you can revine the article and read again. After doing these all, you restart your computer and your problem will be fixed!! So that how you can fix the start menu not working problem. Hope the solution given in this article will definetly fix your problem.

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