How To Fix Battery Drain issue in Android Custom ROM

If you’ve flashed any custom ROM on your Android Smartphone, then most probably you’ve faced battery drain issues on it. While there are some good custom kernels for better battery life, you always can’t find an appropriate one for the android version you’ve installed on your phone. Especially when you’ve a pretty old smartphone like I’ve here the MI Redmi Note 3 with Havoc OS 3.5 on top of android 10. So, in this article I’ll tell you how to fix battery drain issues on any Android custom ROM using a simple app. 

So let’s get started. First install this application called Naptime. This app lets you lower your device power consumption while the display is off by empowering Android's built-in doze power saving functionality and it requires root permissions in order to work. 

Open the app after the installation is done and grant root access forever, now under options turn on aggressive doze which makes you phone sleep as soon as the screen is turned off. Also turn on re-apply doze after wakeups to make aggressive doze work better. Disable motion detection to prevent wakeups from motions while screen is of. by disabling this, some features like hand wave wakeups might not work. 

I’m getting pretty much the same battery life as the stock ROM after installing this app on Redmi note 3. You can also tweak other available options to get even more battery life. That’s it, hope you found this article useful. If you do, like this and share this article to some who needs to know about this Let us and others know if you have any other tricks to improve battery life in custom ROM, comment them below.

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