How Do I Buy A GPU? What Is A GPU? How to get a Gaming Graphics Card with no scalping video cards?

Hi Friends. The question for the day is What is a GPU and how do I get a GPU? It is an abbreviation for graphics processing unit also called a Graphics Card as well as a Video Card. 

What does a Graphics Processing Unit do?

The GPU processes and accelerates the display of images on your screen. The GPU tends to be the most expensive part in a gaming computer. 

TV as a Monitor

Most TV screens will display at 60 Hertz and be able to display a maximum of 60 Frames Per Second or 60 FPS. If the GPU is only providing 10 frames per second the game becomes a stuttery mess and is not playable. If you are using a 60 Hertz TV as a computer monitor, you want to adjust your game settings so that you are getting 50 - 60 frames per second. People that play competitive multi-player games can benefit from a display that is 120 Hertz or higher. Having a GPU that performs at the desired 120 frames per second or higher is also important. 

Need for fast enough CPU and Gaming Graphics Card

You will need a computer processor or CPU that can provide the frames fast enough as well. To make it simple; if you want the most recent generation of processing you want an NVIDIA GPU that starts with 30. You also want an AMD Ryzen 5600x, 5800x, 5900x, 5950x CPU or an Intel CPU starting with 10 or 11 such as Intel Core i5-10400. We will talk more about this in a future article. 

How to get a GPU video card

I have ways to get the most recent hardware without going through scalping. The Consumer Electronics Show also called CES was held virtually through the internet on January 11th. The main announcement was the release of the new NVIDIA RTX 3060 GPU which will be released at the end of February 2021. Prices should start at US$329. It will have 12 Gigabytes of video memory. So you might be able to some day use the new technologies BAR or SAM (Smart Access Memory) to utilise unused Video Memory to increase your Frames Per Second. We will come back to this in the future. 

GPU Summary

The 3060 may actually be the Graphics Card that most people buy over the next year.

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