DDR4 VS DDR5 - Release, Performance

What's up friends! Today I'm going to be talking about the next generation of DRAM, specifically DDR5 - and what you can expect for performance and when you might be able to get your hands on it! 


DDR5 RAM Announcement

We received an announcement from the South Korean company - SK Hynix - that they will launch the world's first DDR5 RAM modules! This might not be a surprise to some as Hynix announced almost 2 years ago in November of 2018 that they have begun development of the first DDR5 RAM modules - and have since completed various tests for compatibility and reliability as well as sampling products to major partners such as AMD & Intel. 

This means that once the DDR5 market becomes active, Hynix will be able to provide DDR5 products right away to its customers, albeit this company in particular focuses on server use more than your everyday But when can we expect this next generation of DRAM to become available and how much of a difference will it be compared to DDR4? 

DDR5 RAM Release Window

Well with AMD's Ryzen 6000 series and Intel's 11th gen CPU's launching This year with both companies changing CPU socket types - Rumors say we can expect DDR5 to be available at launch going into the later part of 2021! 

DDR5 RAM VS DDR4 RAM (DDR5 Performance)

Now what enhancements would you get if you decided to do a new PC build This year with DDR5? Well first off, DDR5 is capable of 4,800 - 5,600 Mbps at 1.1V - This provides a 1.8 times faster improvement of bandwidth over DDR4 while also operating with 20% less power consumption. 

DDR5 ECC (Error Correcting Code)

On top of the general speed and efficiency improvements, Hynix's DDR5 RAM has a feature called Error Correcting Code or ECC for short - this feature allows the chip to correct even 1-bit level errors by itself which increases the overall reliability of applications by as much as 20 times! Again, this company does focus on server based operations, but the speed and efficiency improvements will of course carry over to your everyday consumer as well! As long as we keep getting more performance for less power consumed, we are certainly going in the right direction and I am excited to see the evolution of tech over the last few months that will extend into this year across all sectors of hardware! And those who decided to pass on building a new PC this year will have even more capabilities opened up to them from new hardware possibilities aside from just new CPU's and GPU's - and I can't wait to hear what you guys build! 


What do you guys think about DDR5? Is this upgrade overdue or is it not as necessary as some would think? Let me know down in the comments below! But that's all I have for you guys in today's update! As always fam it's been a pleasure. Please stay safe, stay happy and keep on gaming!

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